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BPAL Wishlist (favorite scents & notes, LE wants, GC wants) 
2nd-Jan-2020 09:35 am
I should have been born a cat
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Website.

bpal_feedback avaliable here.

BPAL I have up for swap (locked).

My BPAL wishlist

I'm always willing to try new BPAL scents or to stock up on my favorites, but there are some scents that I desire more than others. I generally collect imps/decants because I go through oils slowly. You can fund my BPAL obsession through Paypal (swiftskyes AT hotmail DOT com) or ship them to me directly (can't see my contact info? want to? just ask).

I've included information about my favorite scents and notes (to give you an idea of what I like) and my wishlist for both limited edition and general catalog imps. Asterisks denote my highest priorities.

Favorites (to give you an idea of what I like)

Lurid Library
Penny Dreadful
Tell-Tale Heart

Apple/Apple Blossom
Blood/Blood Musk
Cocoa and Chocolate
Dragon's Blood Resin
Select florals: Lotus Blossom, Orange Blossom, Orchid
Select fruits: Fig, Orange, Pumpkin
Wood, especially Teak

I love amber and amber-based blends of all varieties, and also like other resins, especially dragon's blood resin. Cocoa is my addiction: the richer, purer, and darker the better. I adore all musks, especially where it conjures the image of fur. I like wood, parchment, spices, sweetened-but-not-sweet scents, and gourmand notes tempered within non-gourmand blends. I wear select florals, and carnation is my favorite by far. I wear some fruits, in particular apple and fig.

I DO NOT like or wear strong florals (especially rose, except carnation), lemon, and pine. I dislike all boozy notes as well as tobacco, and generally avoid leather. I am not interested in predominant fruits (exceptions are apple, pumpkin, fig), mint, or overtly modern or perfumey scents.

Limited Edition/Retired/Unimpable Wishlist

**MME. MORIARTY (CARNAVAL DIABOLIQUE) Red musk, vanilla bean, pomegranate, patchouli leaf and wild plum.
**MISS LUPESCU (GRAVEYARD BOOK) Animalic musk, with amber, patchouli, ho wood, cypress, almond blossom, golden sandalwood, and strange spices.
**PUMPKIN PATCH I '06 (HALLOWEEN 2006) Pumpkin with apple cider and mulling spice.
**PUMPKIN PATCH II '06 (HALLOWEEN 2006) Pumpkin with cocoa, hazelnut and walnut.
**TELL-TALE HEART (MAELSTROM only!) Blood musk, cocoa, black pepper, allspice, dragon's blood resin and vetiver.
**THREE WITCHES (DISCONTINUED) Warm cinnamon, husky clove and white pepper.
**WULRIC, THE WOLFMAN (CARNAVAL DIABOLIQUE) Friendly, charming, and cuddly, but possessing one hell of a mean streak: cocoa absolute, French vanilla, birch tar, lavender, bourbon vetiver, wild musk, clary sage, and citrus.

AERONWEN (CARNAVAL DIABOLIQUE) Fig, dark myrrh, amber, redwood, nutmeg, tarragon, black musk, and sweet orange.
ANACTORIA (LUPERCALIA) Golden amber, white honey, red currant, daemonorops, kush, and Arabian musk.
AND THERE WAS A GREAT CRY IN EGYPT (SALON) Dark myrrh, white sandalwood, amber, hyssop, frankincense, honey, cypress, red musk, cardamom and saffron.
THE BLACK TEMPLE BURLESQUE TROUPE (YULE 2009) Cacao, black musk, and tobacco absolute.
BUCK MOON (LUNACY) An amplification of one's natural musk coupled with forest herbs, a hint of clear, warm evening air and a crystalline spark of lunar oil.
CERBERUS (OBLATION) Deep chocolate, deeper musks, with a dash of fig, bittersweet walnut, and the wild essences of juniper berry, cubeb and rum.
THE CHILLING CELLAR (HALLOWEEN 2007) Wine just turning to vinegar, crumbling mortar, red clay, and the coppery tang of old blood.
CHRYSANTHEMUM MOON (LUNACY) Her scent is bewitching, almost intoxicating: a sensual incense of crushed mums, red ginger, and pulsing musk … and the air is thick with leaden brown opium smoke that hangs thickly over a seductive mixture of red musk, body-warmed perfume, and hypnotic Eastern flowers.
CLÉMENCE (CARNAVAL DIABOLIQUE) Patchouli, Kashmiri tea, cardamom, black pepper, carnation, and clove.
THE CONTRACT OF THEOPHILUS OF ADANA (CARNAVAL DIABOLIQUE) Parchment, Siamese benzoin, infernal incense, red musk, brimstone, and daemonorops.
THE CRACKED BELL (YULE 2005) A winter's horror: smoke and stillness, faded incense and the metallic tang of blood.
THE DEATH OF AUTUMN (HALLOWEEN 2007) Dark amber, dead leaves, khus, saffron, bitter clove, chrysanthemum, camellia, galangal, and a drop of oud.
HARIKATA (LUPERCALIA 2006) Osmanthus, honey, golden musk, vanilla flower, and ginger.
LIONHEART (TAL) Grants you immense amounts of courage and drive. Useful to help you recover from intense depression and ennui. Brings on a positive outlook, renews hope, and replenishes positive energy. Fills your spirit with the courage and nobility of a lion, warmed by the life-giving joy of its solar aspects.
LOVE'S PHILOSOPHY (LUPERCALIA 2006) Vanilla, saffron, and cream.
LUCIFER (SALON RETAIL) Patchouli, golden amber, deep woods, fig, and vetiver.
LUCRETIA (SALON) Iris, black amber, sage, Kashmir wood, vanilla musk, mandarin and violet.
MAMA-JI (CAROUSEL) Spices, cardamom, nutmeg, and flowers.
MARIANNE (CARNAVAL DIABOLIQUE) Red musk, bergamot, black currant, mimosa, orchid, patchouli, and lotus root.
OPUHI (AUTOMIC LAUAU LOUNGE) Ginger blossom and vanilla orchid.
PINK MOON (LUNCAY) A sweet and silly compliment to the first breath of Spring! Sugared carnation and phlox!
RAVEN MOON (LUNACY) Shining, moonlit ebony musk with benzoin, myrrh, smoky vanilla, patchouli, nutmeg, and dried red chili.
SATAN AND DEATH WITH SIN INTERVENING (SALON) Opoponax, benzoin, orange blossom, mahogany, karakarounde, white tea and vetiver.
SILAS RYTHYN (Dark Delicacies) Opium smoke, opium tar, mandarin, dark musk, patchouli, tonka, vetiver, and frankincense.
THE SMILING SPIDER (SALON) Bitter clove, black musk, mahogany wood, and patchouli.
SNAKE CHARMER Arabian musk and exotic spices slinking through Egyptian amber, enticing vanilla, and a serpentine blend of black plum, labdanum, ambrette, benzoin and black coconut.
TEARS (RETIRED) The distillate of grief and loss. A clean, cathartic fragrance.
THIRTEEN (OCTOBER 2006/ORANGE LABEL) In our paean to all the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic number, there are thirteen lucky and unlucky components: cocoa and vanilla beans, Mysore sandalwood, star fruit, orange rind, red amber, fig leaf, mimosa, rooibos tea, bourbon geranium, rose otto, nutmeg, and lavender.
THIRTEEN (JUNE 2008/GREEN LABEL) In our paean to all the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic number, there are thirteen lucky and unlucky components, including white chocolate, dark chocolate, apple blossom, honeysuckle, frankincense, allspice, nutmeg, black tea, tonka, and sandalwood.
TKO (PANACEA) No notes, vanilla and lavender.
YULE CAT (YULE 2009) Malevolent musk, a drop of infernal civet, vetiver, club moss, birch, goosefoot, and rowan.
WEREPUPPY (FORUM ONLY) A fuzzy brown honey-dusted musk covering freshly-washed baby skin and a howl of milk breath. In the background, there's the barest hint of upturned soil and dew-covered squished stems from a trampled flowerbed.
ZARITA, THE DOLL GIRL (CARNAVAL DIABOLIQUE) Soft, yet sociopathic: white carnation, iris, orange blossom, and sugared cream.

General Catalog Wishlist

*HUNGER Black narcissus, orange blossoms, and vanilla.
*LYONESSE Golden vanilla and gilded musk, stargazer lily, white sandalwood, grey amber, elemi, orris root, ambergris and sea moss.
*PLUNDER Tea leaf, cassia, cinnamon bark, clove, allspice, sandalwood, tobacco, peppercorn, and nutmeg.

BLACK OPAL Soft and luminescent with flashes of black fire.
BLOOD LOTUS Lush, velvet-red blooms born from the blood shed in the eternal battle between Set and Horus the Avenger.
BREAD-AND-BUTTER-FLY Bread, lightly buttered, with weak tea, cream, and a lump of white sugar.
BROWN JENKINS Dusty white sandalwood and orris root, dry coconut husk, creeping musk, and the residue of ceremonial incense.
THE CHICKEN-LEGGED HUT Creaky wood and sun-dried thatching, clacking bones, leering skulls, burnt herbs, and enormous magical chicken feet.
DRAGON'S HEART Dragon's blood resin, red and black musks, a throb of fig and a sliver of black currant.
FALLEN Cherubic white sandalwood and golden musk with a dark halo of amber, a breath of imperial florals, unbending woods, and the shadow cast by vetiver and violet.
HIGH-STRUNG DAISIES Daisy, pink carnation, pink pepper, and sugar.
THE LITTLE SPARROW Seeds, sedge, brown amber, and sandalwood.
NOSTRUM REMEDIUM Black tea leaf, invigorating wasabi extract, sweetened by honey.
POISONED APPLE A perfect, lovely, gleaming red apple whose sweetness masks a swirl of narcotic opium, oleander, and hemlock.
THE SEA FOAMS BLOOD Blood rising through an ocean wave.
SHUB-NIGGURATH A blend of ritual herbs and dark resins, shot through with three gingers and aphrodisiacal spices.
SIN Amber, sandalwood, black patchouli and cinnamon.
STIMULATING SASSAFRAS STRENGTHENER Sassafras, vanilla extract, oak leaf, CO2 butter extract, and onycha.
SYBARIS Bright violet with sweet clove, Mediterranean incense notes and tonka bean.
TINTAGEL Spicy mulled wine flowing through the musky heat, warm leather and bright clash of armor, the damp branches of Cornish hawthorn, blackthorn, juniper, English elm and bayberry, and the magical tingle of dragon's blood resin.
VICE A deep chocolate scent, with black cherry and orange blossom.
WRATH Dragon's blood spiked with black pepper, clove, and cinnamon.

Non-BPAL & Miscellaneous Wishlist

**Cobalt Blends: LUXE CHOCOLATE AMBER (LE, WINTER 2007) Pure deep dark chocolate, lustrous amber, and absolutes.
BPAL: DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE (Atmospheric Linen & Room Spray) Daisies and dirt with a hint of orange marmalade, dry leaves, and crunchy old sticks.
A handful of glass-wand bottle caps (that fit BPAL bottles, of course)
A handful of unused 1/32oz glass vials (imps) with plastic wand caps
A handful of unused plastic pipettes
7th-Dec-2007 04:26 am (UTC)
I like the sound of The Unicorn.
7th-Dec-2007 11:18 am (UTC)
Reviews tend to describe it as light, beautiful, and sparkling. I'd love a more masculine Alice-style strong stallion unicorn-inspired scent (now that was a mouthful), but this, a Last Unicorn light and sparkling scent, has got to be perfect.

I mean, how can things that make me think of glitter ever be bad?
7th-Dec-2007 06:45 am (UTC)
OMG, October and November sound HEAVENLY. *grabby hands*

I'm going to mem this, so if I buy some impd, I will get some from this list, and if I don't like them, I'll pass them along. ^_^
7th-Dec-2007 09:51 am (UTC)
We can co-enable. Now that... sounds brilliant. ^_^
19th-Jun-2008 12:32 pm (UTC)
I stumbled across your journal looking for book reviews, and friended you so I could read your marvellous reviews. When you mentioned the dryer-chocolate experience, and BPAL (which I'd never heard of), I followed the bread crumbs to BPAL wonderland. I ordered Tanin'iver and The East. The scents came this week, along with a handful of freebies. In the past my favorite scents seem to be with sandalwood, patchouli and jasmine in them. The East does not smell overwhelmingly floral to me -- but my nose isn't very trained. I love it, as does my daughter -- who started compiling her own BPAL wish list when I showed her the possibilities. I haven't tried the Tanin'iver on my skin yet, but right out of the bottle it sends me into a kind of happy drugged haze.

Thank you for enriching my life, just by your sharing!
19th-Jun-2008 12:59 pm (UTC)
This comment made my morning. ^^ What a wonderful thing to wake up to! BPAL is one of the steady joys of my life—I hated perfumes before I found it, and the Lab opened up a world of possibilities: scents that transport me, scents that make me want to furrow into the perfume bottle and live there. I never imagined that those little imps and bottles would mean so much to me, and so I'm thrilled to enable others when I can so that they can experience that same awakened joy.

I'm so glad that I was able to help you do that. Enjoy! ^_^ I have rocky relations with jasmine and most florals, but Tanin'iver sounds right up my alley. I also love frimps—the extras that the sent with an order—because it's a great chance to try something that I probably would have never thought of myself. I wish you the best of luck and skin chemistry with it all, and thank you so much for letting me know.
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